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Comprehensive Automotive Service in Delta

If you're looking for a shop that custom-tailors maintenance & repair services to your vehicle and your needs, rather than 'service schedule bundles' designed to maximize profit, and a team that prides themselves on timely preventative maintenance to avoid costly breakdowns, as well as providing accurate, complete diagnoses in order to solve your vehicle's issue (not just to mask a symptom temporarily), look no further than Delta Automotive Ltd. Since 1972, we've been offering service with integrity, and quality automotive diagnosis, repair, and maintenance service to Ladner, Tsawwassen, and the surrounding area.

We offer full-vehicle maintenance and repair services, including:

Regular maintenance services and oil changes

Comprehensive diagnostics and repairs

Fluid services

Brake maintenance and repair

Tire and wheel services

Exhaust repairs

A/C and service

Commercial and provincial vehicle inspections

Steering and suspension service

Wheel alignments

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